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FISHING WITH HYENAS - Audiobook coming soon!

Hello and happy summer!

It’s been way too long since my last update, so this exciting news inspired me to connect again. I’ve always wanted my book to be available as an audiobook, but the process, the cost, and the endless unknowns overwhelmed me. So, I put it off. As the audiobook platform grew leaps and bounds—and honestly, has become the only way I can fit “reading” into my busy life—I figured it was time to get over my fear and just do this.

Last year I put my book out for audition from professional readers, and received numerous auditions. I was shocked and disappointed at the result, but I was happy so many expressed interest in my story. I finally received an audition that impressed me, so I engaged with the reader and locked in a contract. Before she began recording, she sent me another sample (at my request), and my heart sunk. Nope, she couldn’t do my story justice, either. I then realized I am the only person who can read my memoir correctly. So, I embarked on a whole new adventure.

This is me, ready to record.

Fast forward…I found out two of my partner, Bob’s band mates were in the process of building the one recording studio on San Juan Island. Cool, huh?! A year later, they were ready for me.

Sound check

We began recording in May of this year, and wrapped up late June after I’d returned from my two-week vacation (postponed from 2020, but that’s another story). The project is in the engineering phase now. I just listened to the first file last night and I’m quite happy!

Here, I’m reading/ acting a scene

I’ll let you know when the audiobook version is available and on which platforms (I won’t just release on Audible). I will also run specials from time to time and I’ll have a few promotional codes I can share, so please stay tuned.

Thank you for your continued support—it means the world to me!

May the wind always be at your stern.

~ Theresa Mathews


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