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Book Excerpts

Chapter 7: Death’s Journey

When our boat came into view, I felt the punch in my gut and my knees buckled at the sight of her. One of the crew had set her flag to fly at half-mast. Her captain had died. My Bart.

Chapter 12: Highs and Lows

“The ocean definitely changes people. There are guys a lot tougher than you who come out here thinking they get to go on this great adventure. But once they can’t see land anymore, their minds get the best of them and some have gone crazy. They may have been ‘off’ a little to start with, but adding all this time to be with your thoughts? Well, it can mess with a person’s head.”

Chapter 12: Highs and Lows

I had a moment of happiness. I felt satisfaction, a sense of belonging, completely tethered to the world and to the universe.  An albatross came into view. Freedom. Peace. I felt safe. We were out in the middle of the ocean. Literally. And I was safe. For the moment.

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Chapter 17: Pago Pago

“PUSH!” Bart yelled as the other men lined the dock and pushed with all their might to put more distance between the boat and my dangling body. The tide was coming in and that forced the boat to push hard against the dock.

Chapter 30: Dead in the Water

My watch had come and gone in no time. I had been in bed about twenty minutes when Mario was at our stateroom.

“Bart? Hey, Bart! The engine stopped!” Mario yelled through our stateroom curtain. “What? What happened?” Bart yelled back in a panic.

He was still half-asleep as he bolted out of bed and threw on his clothes.

“We are dead in the water. The low oil pressure alarm went off just before the engine stopped,” Mario said as he followed Bart to the engine room.

“Oh, shit,” was all I heard out of Bart’s mouth as they both ran down the narrow stairs.

I sat up in disbelief. How could this be? With all the things that could go wrong out here. Our MAIN ENGINE? God help us.

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