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“Theresa Mathews writes with courage, authority, and humor—She knows what she’s talking about in the world of commercial albacore fishing. Her reverence for those who ply their trade on the ocean shines through, as does her love for her late Captain and partner, Bart. ”

Michele Longo Eder, author of Salt in Our Blood: The Memoir of a Fisherman’s Wife

“Theresa Mathews’ memoir takes you through an incredible journey, firmly placing you in the middle of all the action. It kept me wanting to keep reading and I learned SO much! I can’t watch an episode of The Deadliest Catch anymore (or open a can of tuna) without returning to Fishing With Hyenas.

 I laughed and cringed, I sighed and cried! I really loved this book and recommend it to everyone… male or female, young or old… it will keep you turning the pages.”

“Thought provoking, gripping, rich with emotion… just a few of the feelings that grabbed me and kept me tethered to this amazing memoir. A must read for all! My only complaint was that it came to an end, but it left me wanting to read more “girlie girl tuffie tales” from Theresa Mathews.”

Sara Gross

Helen George

Fishing With Hyenas is a page turner – I couldn’t put it down! As a voracious reader, I need to connect with the protagonist and I easily related to the double-sided nature of this amazing woman. Her feminine side includes fingernail polish, cute outfits, lipstick and designer perfume for example. Her determination to work hard no matter how far she went outside her comfort zone showed us a more masculine side when she caught fish and made tough decisions in the middle of the ocean. Mathews provided a richness to her memoir that made her fishing adventures come alive! She took me on a journey where I felt the experiences she lived through. There are three stories here…a love story between a man and a woman, offshore commercial fishing, and surviving loss. Mathews beautifully weaved the three themes in and out of her story to provide a perfect balance in an imperfect world. She made it real and that’s something everyone can relate to.

Barbara Cromwell

"Fishing With Hyenas by Theresa Mathews is a fascinating tale of her real-life adventures on the open sea with a group of fishermen. You can almost smell the fish as you crash through the adventure in the ups and downs of life on the sea. Mathews does a wonderful job of relaying a bevy of interesting facts about the world of commercial fishing as well as about the tight-knit group of fishermen that are affectionately called the Hyenas. Mathews describes how difficult life on the sea can be, especially for someone like her, who describes herself as a ‘girly girl’. During her time on the trip, she finds that she is tougher than she ever imagined. She learns how to work through pain and soreness, and to endure the difficult work and long days. The trip ends, but the story delves deeper into issues of personal tragedy and financial stresses that envelop her life.


Fishing With Hyenas is one of those books that teaches you about a subject not commonly understood and, for that, I really enjoyed the content. I loved all the interesting facts about fishing. Mathews does a wonderful job of keeping your interest throughout the story and I had no trouble at all with the flow. Mathews’ raw emotions at the beginning allow you to connect with her right away and feel her emotional struggle, as she has to cope with a sudden life change. She creates a fast reading story that pulls you through the pages like a riptide, and your emotions will ebb and flow along with hers.

Reviewed by Beth Green for Readers’ Favorite

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