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Fishing with Hyenas

When city girl Theresa falls madly in love with commercial fisherman Captain Bart, she trades her urban lifestyle for a grueling job as crew on his ninety-two-foot tuna boat in the middle of the North Pacific Ocean. During their three-month journey, she battles waves the size of four-story buildings in hurricane-force winds and almost loses her mind, but wins the respect of the Hyenas—an elite group of fishermen who become her extended family. 


When Captain Bart dies at sea of a massive heart attack, Theresa must survive her worst nightmare and nearly drowns in grief and financial devastation.


FISHING WITH HYENAS is a true story about the power of love, the pull of Mother Ocean, and overcoming loss. 

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Awards & Recognition

Fishing With Hyenas won

Best Memoir by Pacific Book Reviews! 

Fishing With Hyenas won First Place in the international narrative non-fiction Journey Awards by Chanticleer Reviews


Fishing With Hyenas received national recognition as a Distinguished Favorite in the memoir category through Independent Press Award (IPA).

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