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Top Five Tips For First-Time Authors

After what seemed like an eternity to finish writing my first book, I’ve entered the world of marketing my baby. Wow—what a ride this turned out to be! Through endless research of every aspect of what to do now, I keep learning. Some tips make sense to me, others do not, and I believe a few guidelines simply need modification. I see this journey as a way to create my own masterpiece. Similar to cooking… and writing. As I anxiously await the cartons of books to arrive at my doorstep, I put on my grass skirt and prepare for the launch parties. Woot woot! My top five tips for first-time authors: 1. Find an editor who specializes in your genre and/or working with new authors 2. Determine your budget; self-publishing is expensive but worth it 3. Start building your marketing plan as soon as possible 4. Unless you have experience building websites, hire an expert to build yours 5. Be proud of your accomplishment, breathe, and have fun