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Potential Interview Questions

Q: What motivated you to write this book?

A: I always enjoyed writing so when I quit my job to spend three months on a commercial fishing boat, I knew I had the best opportunity for a great story.

Q: What inspired the title?

A: The title popped into my head before we left the dock on my first trip. I loved hearing how The Hyenas came to be. My initial plan for the book was to interview everyone in the group and provide a collection of short stories that showcased most of The Hyenas, with my own experiences at sea weaving throughout.

Q: How did you stay dedicated for so long?

A: A memoir is a story that MUST be told. I knew I had to finish writing the book, no matter how long it took. Once I had at least half of the book written, I knew I would not stop until I wrote the last word.

Q: What do you hope to gain from publishing your memoir?

A: Three things, actually.

  1. Millions of people eat tuna but most have no clue about the effort to catch them. I’ve introduced the world to an industry that is unknown to the masses by showcasing entire families who risk their lives through living on the ocean for several months in order to bring fish to our tables.

  2. For all who have lost a loved one, my story shows that we can love them forever and still thrive in life.

  3. I hope people will ask their spouse questions if their partner owns a business so they understand the financial and legal obligations. Grief is hard enough to live through without facing additional obstacles.

Q: Are you working on any other books or projects currently?

A: I have a few ideas brewing, but my immediate goal is to publish this book.

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